John Arthur Carr


About a year ago, I started working with mirrors and magnifying glass to develop a street art camera obscura, Through a series of failed attempts, I ditched everything but the mirrors and and 😀#solarpoweredstreetart was born.
I’ve been learning a lot working with the sun and mirrors to project messages of love and happiness into public spaces, making for a vandal-free graffiti experience. By placing these “projectors” in strategic locations, at certain times when the sun hits, the messages are reflected for all to enjoy. Clouds pass, work fades in and out making for a seamless natural connection of art and nature. Mirrors have been placed around Brooklyn so keep your head up… much larger installs to come!

Let’s talk about an install to fit your location! ❤️☀️#LightWork


Here She is in all of Her Beauty. This collaboration between Dave Navarro, Hektad and I is now complete! A concept that came to me while looking at some of Hek’s newest work directly after collab-ing with Dave on the Artboat. Planning the basics for a few weeks, on a Friday night in March we got together for an Art Party at my studio here in Brooklyn creating this piece over the course of 8 hours. There was such a creative vibe and a sense of Brotherhood that filled the room, at times cheering each other on like a skate session, “Yeahh, Sicccckk.” 🙂 Good times with Rock n Roll, Pizza, Spraypaint, Exactos, Jokes and High Spirits! We reflected on how, from the concept, every step of the piece magically fell into place. The loving intention, focused creative energies and talents really shines through here. I could not be happier with this piece, Grateful as this new creative partnership evolves. This piece was done entirely in spray paint (freehand and stencil) on canvas, 24×30″ x 2″ gallery wrapped, signed with COA.

Please contact Doug at World Trade Gallery for purchase information.
Exclusive Limited Edition print run coming soon!

special shout to @turtlecaps 🙏🏼

From Dave- “The Girl in the Red Coat originally from Schindler’s list, has always effected me. lost innocence in a scary environment, alone, wandering, unknowingly at death’s door. I identified with the fear and isolation and we (me Hektad & (JCBKNYC) decided to bring her into the modern world as a reminder to treat each other with kindness as we were all born with this purity. Appropriated from the film, she is placed as a symbol that transcends her role in the film, and speaks to everyone wandering around and afraid in todays scary world of division. “Hey guys, we tried this division thing before, it didn’t work then and it won’t work now!”

Stay tuned for more information on the exclusive print run from


Curating Director at ArtBoatNYC: I am creating an Art Gallery on the boat formally known as Cabana, located at the 23rd Street Skyport Marina on Manhattan’s East Side. Painting the exterior,  curating 30+ Artists for the interior gallery as well as managing media, press etc, has been the most challenging and rewarding work of my career. Opening in Spring 2019, ArtBoat is a unique event space, experiential art gallery, cruise ship and more.



Fresh from completing my largest Follow Your Heart mural at World Trade Center, I am now Resident Artist at Artist and Fleas SoHo (368 Broadway.) Come check out new and  old original works,  lots of prints and shirts as well.

My passion is to create meaningful public work that meets the criteria of both client and community with special attention given to detail and communication. As an active graffiti/street artist over the past decade, I’ve developed my skills with spray paint and brush, garnering a reputation for delivering the highest creativity, on budget, with a passion for excellence.  Working at increasingly larger scale and exposure, my mural work can be seen all over New York City for the past 7+ years, the most recent mural completed at the World Trade Center, July 2018. Evolving in the studio and on the streets, I’ve been exhibiting in major Galleries all over NYC since 2012, currently working on my first solo body of work.

Working as a Digital Designer/Art Director in many of NYC’s largest Digital Agencies for over 20 years, I have developed a work ethic and attention to detail that I bring to my public work. From budgeting and pixel-perfect accuracy, communication and teamwork, these mostly corporate experiences have given me the discipline and confidence to accel and exceed, with confidence, on every project.


Key Competencies
Large Scale Brush & Spray paint Murals  • Grid / Freehand / Projection • Fine Art Production • Art Direction • Marketing • Curation • Illustration/Animation  • Video Production • Screen Printing • Resins • Woodwork • Branding• Sign Painting • more